Internship Program Webinar

Kickstart your career in Australia with the Work Readiness Program

This webinar is designed to introduce you to the Work Readiness Program, a comprehensive initiative aimed to equip you with real-world industry experience, foundational skills, knowledge of Australian workplace culture, and a strong professional network. With an impressive track record of matching over 10,000 students into internships and collaborations with more than 12,000 host companies, this program stands as a pivotal step for anyone looking to kickstart their career in Australia. 

Register for the webinar today and embark on the first step towards achieving your professional goals:

Dates and Times:

  • Tuesday at 5:30 pm AEST (Sydney/Melbourne Time)
  • Thursday at 12:00 pm AEST (Sydney/Melbourne Time)
  • Location: Online (Link provided upon registration)

Please Note: After registration, ensure to check your Spam or Promotions folders for the webinar link and further instructions.

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of the Australian Job Market: Gain insights into the current landscape and discover the hidden job market awaiting your skills and talents.
  • Introduction to the Internship Program: Understand how the Internship Program can transform your career prospects through practical experience, skills development, and professional networking.
  • Program Benefits and Structure: Delve into the extensive benefits offered, including real-world industry experience, foundational skill-building, exposure to Australian workplace culture, and ongoing support. We’ll also outline the program’s three-stage approach, from course training to securing an internship.
  • Success Stories: Hear firsthand from past participants who have successfully transitioned from the program to meaningful careers in Australia. Their stories will inspire and provide a glimpse into what awaits you.
  • Q&A Session: Have your questions answered directly by the program coordinators and gain clarity on how the Internship Program can cater to your specific career aspirations.

Who Should Attend?

  • Recent Graduates: If you’ve recently completed your education and are looking to apply your knowledge in a professional setting, this webinar will illuminate your path.
  • Career Changers: Those looking to pivot into new industries or roles will find invaluable guidance and support through the program.
  • International Students and Skilled Migrants: If you’re navigating the complexities of the Australian job market as an international student or graduate or as a skilled migrant, the Internship Program offers a tailored approach to helping you succeed.

Why Attend?

This webinar isn’t just an informational session; it’s a launching pad for your career in Australia. By attending, you’ll be taking a proactive step towards securing your future in the Australian workforce. You’ll learn how to leverage your academic background, develop essential workplace skills, and gain practical experience through internships specifically matched to your career goals.

Please be aware that the webinar has limited spots available. We kindly request that you confirm your attendance promptly. If you are unable to attend, please let us know, as there are others interested in participating who would appreciate the opportunity to take your place.