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About this service

Stand out and get hired faster!

More than 92% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find high-quality candidates. Therefore, it is not surprising that over 300 million people have become members of this excellent platform.

Take your LinkedIn profile to the next level and turn it into a powerful career tool that spotlights your skills, experiences, and impresses your network of connections. We make ensure your LinkedIn profile is found when users search for your skill sets and that it makes an impact, setting you apart from the competition.

How it works


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Online Payment

Make payment via online credit/debit. Once done, you will receive an email requesting you to send over your LinkedIn URL and current resume (if you have any).
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Information Gathering

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To provide detailed information regarding your background and career aspirations. It will be via chat (TXT/WhatsApp) and email.
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Draft Emailed to You

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Once we gather your information, we will email you the first draft within 3-5 business days.
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7-Days Revision Period

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From the time that you receive your first draft, you will be able to provide feedback and request changes to be made.
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Our LinkedIn Profiles

We build your LinkedIn profile to help you establish a strong online presence and attract employers. Along with resume and cover letter writing, our professional LinkedIn profile writing service aims to bring you closer to your career goals. Be ahead of your competitors and maximise your chances of getting noticed with just your online profile. So, what are you waiting for? Become a job magnet now!

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Please Note: Fees include revisions of your first draft based on your original request only. Revisions must be requested within 7 days (1 week) from the date of your first draft. Any further revisions will incur an additional fee. If we don’t hear from you in that time we will consider the project completed to your satisfaction.

Due to the many factors that contribute to whether a candidate will be short-listed for a role, we do not provide any guarantees that you will secure a position as a result of engaging our writing services.

Why our Writers

Quick and Effective

Fast turnaround times while maintaining the highest quality. Between 3-5 business days and your draft will be ready and search-engine optimised to start getting noticed.

Market Knowledge

Our writers actively monitor trends in the local job market and are very attuned to what a LinkedIn profile should have. We do not use overseas or outsourced writers.

Extensive Experience

Our writers have developed over 1,500 winning LinkedIn profiles for different clients all over Australia and have expertise in more than 65 industries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It takes just a few simple steps to get your LinkedIn profile created and our writers are eager to get you hired with it.

Start by adding our LinkedIn Profile Writing service to the cart and proceeding with the payment.

Once payment confirmation is received, we will request access to your LinkedIn profile so we can review it (we recommend creating a temporary password).

We will ask you then to explain your requirements for creating a LinkedIn profile thoroughly so that we have a clear idea of what kind of LinkedIn profile you need to be written.

Once we received the information from you, we will complete the update of your LinkedIn Profile within 3-5 business days.

Once we get all information from you, we will complete the update of your LinkedIn Profile within 3-5 business days.

All fees quoted include as many revisions as you want within the 7-days revision period. Please bear in mind that for each amendment or change requested, we will take between 1-2 business days to implement it.

Before sharing the results with you, we conduct a full testing and scoring of your LinkedIn profile to provide you with a degree of certainty that it is key-word optimised and user friendly. 

Sure you can! If you are someone who also needs a Resume, then you should check out our Resume Writing service at our Shop page.

The short answer: Yes.

Recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to search for candidates. So, if you don’t have a presence on the site, you won’t come up during searches. Having a LinkedIn account also means that you can use the site to research companies, interviewers, recruiters, and hiring managers, which is helpful before submitting applications and showing up to interviews. 

Unfortunately, most people simply copy and paste their resume into their LinkedIn profile and then they wonder why they aren’t gaining any traction on LinkedIn.

Here’s the reason: Your LinkedIn profile is not your resume… it is so much more! When written strategically, your LinkedIn profile becomes your opportunity to engage with your audience and build your professional brand. LinkedIn is an incredible asset to your professional development.

The benefits of a strong LinkedIn profile include:

  • Networking opportunities, including with potential employers
  • Increased likelihood of being headhunted
  • Uncover job opportunities
  • Stay on top of relevant industry information
  • Position yourself as an expert in your field


As part of this service, you will receive a complete LinkedIn Profile. Your LinkedIn Profile Writer will start by asking you about your career goals, work history and achievements. They will then develop a professional LinkedIn Profile for you, tailored for your role and/or industry objective.

  • As part of this service, you will get:
    A professional keyword optimised profile that highlights your strengths and achievements
    A personal online brand that will set you apart from your competitors
    Higher rankings on LinkedIn to make you more visible to recruiters and employers
    A list of suggested groups to help you grow your network and make new contacts
    Tips and advice on how to use LinkedIn to access the hidden job market.

You will also receive a copy of our LinkedIn Guide which is packed full of expert tips on how to get the most out of your LinkedIn Profile.

Working on your resume and LinkedIn profile together gives your LinkedIn profile writer an opportunity to create a consistent style and format between the two. This helps to establish a cohesive approach across all your digital and paper assets, which effectively launches your personal brand when you begin your job search.

No. As part of our LinkedIn Writing Service, our writers update your LinkedIn profile in the English language only. 

The year ranges for our writing service are calculated by counting backward from the date you obtain the service, encompassing all relevant work experiences within that specified range.


If you have any concerns about this service, we invite you to consult the Frequently Asked Questions sectionSimilarly, you can write to us by WhatsApp or send us an email at [email protected]

Alternatively, you can schedule a consultation call (15 min) to answer your particular questions about this service.

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