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About this service

Stand out and get hired faster!

Stand out from the crowd by getting our professional cover letter writers to create a customised cover letter for you that highlights your relevant skills and experience, and details the reasons why you are suitable for the position. We can tailor your cover letter for a specific job, or write a general cover letter for you that you can adjust to suit different positions. Get real results with our professional cover letter writers help. On average, our clients secure 4X more interviews, twice as many job offers.

How it works


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Online Payment

Make payment via online credit/debit. Once done, you will receive an email requesting you to send over your current resume and cover letter (if you have any).
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Information Gathering

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To provide detailed information regarding your background, career aspirations and role/industry objetive. It will be via chat (TXT/WhatsApp) and email.
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Draft Emailed to You

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Once we gather your information, we will email you the first draft within 3-5 business days.
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7-Days Revision Period

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From the time that you receive your first draft, you will be able to provide feedback and request changes to be made.
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Our Cover Letters

Our professional cover letter writers will ensure to highlight the value you would bring to the role and why you would be the best-suited candidate for the position to increase your chances of being invited for an interview. We endeavour to tailor your cover letter to fit the actual role or career that you are pursuing, whilst focusing on your notable contributions and major attributes.

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Please Note: Fees include revisions of your first draft based on your original request only. Revisions must be requested within 7 days (1 week) from the date of your first draft. Any further revisions will incur an additional fee. If we don’t hear from you in that time we will consider the project completed to your satisfaction.

Due to the many factors that contribute to whether a candidate will be short-listed for a role, we do not provide any guarantees that you will secure a position as a result of engaging our writing services.

Why our Writers

Quick and Effective

Fast turnaround times while maintaining the highest quality. Between 3-5 business days and your draft will be ready and ATS optimised in both formats, Word and PDF.

Market Knowledge

Our writers actively monitor trends in the local job market and are very attuned to what an Australian Resume format should contain. We do not use overseas or outsourced writers.

Extensive Experience

Our writers have developed over 2,000 winning resumes for different clients all over Australia and have expertise in more than 65 industries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Simple, add the writing service(s) you wish to pay in the ‘Enquire Section’. After that, we will start the consultation phase where you will be asked to submit your current Resume and/or Cover Letter (if applicable).  

Once we obtained all information from you, we will email you the first draft within 3-5 business days.

All fees quoted include as many revisions as you want within the 7-days revision period. Please bear in mind that for each change requested, we will take between 1-2 business days to implement them and return your resume back.

Before send the first draft (and any consecutive revision) to you, we conduct a full ATS testing and scoring of your Cover Letter to provide you with a degree of certainty that it can pass the robot’s filter.

Sure you can! If you are someone who needs a Resume along with a Cover Letter, then you should check out our Resume and Cover Letter writing package at our Shop page.

A cover letter is a professional letter addressed to a prospective employer as part of your application for a position. It usually accompanies your resume and is written in such a way as to introduce yourself, communicate your intent in applying, highlight your strengths, and outline your knowledge of the company.

Your resume is a quick reference document containing specific information about your education, skills/qualifications, and work history. Your resume can also provide employers with an idea of your career trajectory.

Hiring managers use the information in your resume and cover letter to determine if you are the “right fit” for an advertised job.

Sure it can! We can tailor your cover letter to a specific job opening. When working with your writer, be sure to send over job opening to give your writer a better idea of what type of job you’re applying for.


If you have any concerns about this service, we invite you to consult the Frequently Asked Questions sectionSimilarly, you can write to us by WhatsApp or send us an email at [email protected]

Alternatively, you can schedule a consultation call (15 min) to answer your particular questions about this service.

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